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GoodVessel92551's Creates Projects

Day 1: Worst Website Possible

This is a website that is not very good this is because there are buttons that do not work and also the CSS is not very good.Open
Day 2: Ageing Quiz

This is a small quiz that has some questions about aging and age also at the end it tells you how much older you have got.Open
Day 3: Story

This makes a story from a name, noun, verb and an adjective that you enter.Open
Day 4: Only Emojis

This is a small quiz about what the Emoji sentence means.Open
Day 5: Something Random

This is a simple password generator that ask how long you want the password then it will make one.Open
Day 8: Make Song

This is a simple website that has some buttons that play instruments so you can make a song.Open
Day 9: Job and Wealth Gesser

This python program will gess your wealth then what job you have.Open
Day 10: Make a Shape That Does Not Exist

This will make a orange shape that dose not Exist (I think).Open
Day 11: Self Portrait

This will make a very inaccurate portrait of me.Open
Day 12: The Shape Gets Bigger

The shape will get bigger or smaller but mostly bigger.Open
Day 15: Nothing Out Of Something

This will erase the shape so it will turn into air.Open
Day 16: Lean a New Skill

So I needed to lean a new skill so I decide to lean a bit of C# by making a calculator.Open
Day 17: Buggy Website

This is a buggy website were things don't work apart from the games.Open
Day 18: One Quiz

This is one quiz about the number one with one answer and one attempt.Open
Day 19: Colorful

This is a program that makes the screen colorfull this means there is no white left.Open
Day 22: Py Sum 2.0

This is a python progam based of off @NANTHAKUMARANR Py Sum.Open
Day 23: Build Something For a Stranger

This is a code breaker game made for @VulcanWMOpen
Day 24: Username Generator

This is a simple username generator that makes a username out of a object, adjective and 4 numbers made with @VulcanWMOpen
Day 25: Profanity Filter

This is a simple profanity filter it was described to me by @VulcanWM.Open
Day 26: Be Someone Else

I needed to become someone else so I became Bean from Kaboom and I made a simulation of his life.Open
Day 29: This Website

This website is show of all of my creations that I did for Replit Creates.Open
Day 30: Telephone

This is very useless Telephone.Open
Day 31: Party

This is party for the final day for Replit CreatesOpen